Questionaire for Clean Rooms Applications  (A/c. Non A/c. Rooms) Removal of dust from enclosed A/c room-Standards, Instrumentation labs, Bio Labs, Metrology rooms, CNC M/c room etc.


Your Name :
Your Company Name :
Designation :
Department :
Address :
Phone :
Fax :
E-mail ID :


Room size: L x W x H (Height upto false roof, if any)
Construction : Plastered Brick wall/Full height partitions/Half height partitions.Please describe.
Ceiling :
RCC with False ceiling 
Only RCC 
Neither of the above
Atmosphere : Non airconditioned 
Window a/c 
Split a/c 
Package a/c 
Central a/c
A/c unit capacity/Make Air flow rating of blower (CNH/CFM), Blower/motor HP rating
Entry to the clean room at present :
With double door 
With double door & air curtains
what cleanliness levels do you require? :
85% better than existing level 
Class 1,00,000 or better 
Class 10,000 or better
Any process station generating pollutants e.g. fumes, fine powder etc
Is there any filtration system existing Details, if possible
In brief, describe the existing pollution problem in the room, which you want to control :
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